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The Ollertons'

Thank you for visiting our family home page. It has been up and running since May 2000 and just tells you a little bit about favourite sites, interesting links and of course a little about ourselves. I hope you find it interesting. Please, please take the time to sign our guestbook any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I intend to try and add to and update often, so do come back for a visit soon and find out what is new, or not!

Last updated 04/04/07

I know homepages are meant to be interesting, but I would like to introduce ourselves to you before you go any further. At the moment the Ollerton household consists of myself (Sharon) my husband Stephen, our son Joshua and daughter Hannah. My husband and I married in 1990, our son Joshua came along in 1997, and Hannah in 1999. We run our own business Lancashire Laminators Ltd. Est. 1987. On the furry front we have a gorgeous four year old, black labrador/terrier cross and a ginger cat named Ginger! aged 11yrs. That's about it! not to bad was it? If you would like to find out a little more about us, then please visit the In Brief link. The Jacqui’s Genealogy Box of Tricks link on our Cool Links page belongs to my sister, as the title suggests it is about our family tree and history. But also, if you have a general interest in genealogy, the site has a host of useful tips and links to excellent genealogy sites. I hope you have time to visit it. I will now leave you to enjoy a tour of our family homepage

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By the way, I have Yahoo Messenger so if anyone visiting my site also has YM and fancies a chat my yahoo id is shazer_99. Now that my site is finished you will probably find that I am back at my old haunts on Yahoo Games…. and if things are running to norm. I am probably losing! If you fancy joining me for a game of cards, you can usually find me playing canasta, sometimes gin. And very occasionally the odd game of dominoes, with even less success than cards! Please send me a message.

As of February 2007, I now have a blog site. To view my blog please click link below.

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I know I mentioned it earler but please do try to find time to sign my guestbook, I would be very interested to see who has visited my site and where they are from. I would also be grateful for any helpful comments or suggestions.