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The Ollertons'
In Brief

Ok, this is where you get the lowdown on the Ollertons' likes, dislikes, and bad habbits! if you are interested please read on..

Stephen T. 19/12/61

Likes: football, rugby, cricket(no comment), reading, quizzes, dining out(don't we all) and going to the movies.
Dislikes: computers, computer games,
Favourite Football Team: Preston North End
Favourite Food: pretty much anything!
Least Favourite Food: brussel sprouts
Favourite T.V. Progamme: anything connected with sport(yawn).
Bad Habit: smoking & snoring (gave up Nov 2002) so now it's just snoring!

Sharon 14/10/oops

Likes: computers & games, animals, sci fi, wolves, reading, going to the movies, chocolate, good food,wine & company.
Dislikes: cruelty(in any form)
Favourite Football Team: Blackburn Rovers
Favourite Food: pasta, chinese, indian
Least Favourite Food: carrots, grapefruit *ugh*
Favourite T.V. Programme: E.R. Heroes, LOST, Prison Break, Doctor Who, Neighbours, Hustle
Bad Habit: none :)

(John) Joshua 19/12/97

Likes: playing football for Akzo u9's, cricket and going to indoor play centers
Dislikes: most food!, having to have a wash, he'd rather stay mucky
Favourite Food: yorkshire puddings, pasta, tomato soup, chicken tikka, chocolate & pickled onions (not all at the same time)
Least Favourite Food: where do I start?! he is so picky
Favourite T.V./video Programme: Ice Age 2, WWE, Ben10, Simpsons
Bad Habit: annoying his little sister ..grrr

Hannah Susan 04/09/99

Likes:bathtimes, school, dancing, singing, playing with her dolls
Dislikes: bedtime, doing as she is told!
Favourite Food: tomato soup, eggs, chicken nugget & chips
Least Favourite Food: tomatoes
Favourite T.V. Programme: cartoons, Tweenies & Fimbles
Bad Habit: tantrums and annoying her brother

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